Friday, July 31, 2009

Leeking Again

early this morning, the nurse noticed that Elyza was leeking spinal fluid again. Nural surgery was informed, and they came to check it out. They decided to take Elyza to the Operating room. They redid the stitches and they found the problem.
The skin was forming a tunnel between her old shunt sight and her external drain sight; liquid was getting under the skin, and creating pressure. The skin was also kind of jagged around the incision which helped to create pockets for the fluid. But, they hopefully fixed that up. The doctor has put her on antibiotics for the next fourty-eight hours to prevent infection.
They said that we would beable to pick her up for twenty-four hours. They said it would probably be better for us, if we just went home. So, we are in Provo tonight, trying to get the apartment ready for her. They might discharge her on Sunday.

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