Sunday, June 19, 2011

strong emotions

elyza is doing good she is getting big and in to everything and helping where it is not need at that time.
elyza might have to have surgery on here head to make it grow elyza's head plats are fused together and the only way to help elyza is to go in and brake them a part so she can have more room to grow.
with out this surgery elyza could go back in what she is doing like not waking running or even talking.
dad and mom have tried to do many alternatives things to maybe help elyza so she dose not have to go through with this surgery but know it has come to the little stretch and it dose not look like we can stop what is going to happen to elyza if we do not do the surgery elyza could stop doing what she is doing but if we do the surgery elyza will have to be in the hospital for some time and we do not know what to do.
we all fell sad for this little girl that is here on this earth and all that she has had been throw in here short little life.
but throw it all elyza is sill happy and is a very beautiful little girl and she has no one that she blames for what is happening to here she may get made form the pan and she may get upset form time to time but elyza is a rock when it comes down to it.
allwas looking for some one she can help and give loves to elyza may be small but she dose not have a small hart here love is bigger then what she is.
we are praying for this to come out will.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

elyza love

Elyza is a very special little girl to mom and dad.
Elyza has been threw so many things threw her little life but that does not stop her from doing what she wants.
Elyza is now up to my hip in her height and her weight is about 29 lb Elyza is getting in to everything these days. She has put a new roll of tp in the toilette many times, She loves to see it come unraveled while it goes down the toilette after she has flushed the toilette, i do not get it.
we still have to help her every day on making sure she does not get sick and land in the hospital. Some days are very hard for all of us, it may look very nice out but, there may be a slight wind and that will make it so we can not go out. Other times it will be good we go out and then it starts to rain.
Elyza does not like it when we have to put a blanket over her when we are out.
Elyza loves to see where she is going and it is very hard for her to understand that we are doing this to help her to not get sick again.
Elyza loves to help mom and dad, when ever we cough sneeze or even say ouchy that hurt me, she will run to your side to see what she can do to help;
even if she is in the other room and if we do not reply to her asking us are you ok she will stay with us until we say we are ok and if we do not say that we are ok and mom or dad is not there she will get us and take us to mom or dad to help them.
I guess she gets that from us.
I hope that Elyza will always be that loving towards every one, like she is now.
I am so proud of her and how far she has gone in the last 2 years.
I hope that Elyza will get all the opportunities to do what ever she wants in life, in reason.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

elyza loves her car

the day to day fight of a mom

To day Elyza is doing good on every thing she is doing walking toking and even making messes for mom and dad to clean up.
Elyza loves to sing songs and dance with here dad and mom that is so much fun to do.
Elyza all so loves going out side to play but mom and dad has to wait for a good day to go out to play.
when it is time to eat for Elyza i sometimes just wont to put a plate in front of here and see here eat it up like must of kids here age but Elyza can not do that.
i hate to thank that it is my fault that my daughter is this way because of something that i did when i was pregnant with a elyza.