Wednesday, May 7, 2014

C. Dif.

Elyza has had a hard time during the last several months. On October 30 she had plastic surgery on the back of her head to take pressure off her brain. Shortly after that she developed a staff infection. She was in the hospital for over four months. During that time the antibiotics that she was on completely wiped out her white blood cells and she had to be switched to a new antibiotic. On February 10 she went in for a second surgery to remove hardware from her head that had been placed on October 30. When she got out of surgery the neurosurgeon told us that there was a possibility that she would be paralyzed from this second surgery. They discovered a lot of extra bone growth that wasn't there before and it had to be removed, in order to remove the bone they had to get very near her cerebellum. She was very weak after the surgery she lost three quarters of her blood. She also had to stay on her breathing tube for about 14 hours. She slept for about four days straight.

On February 25 she was finally discharged from the hospital.. Shortly after that she developed some lumps in her neck. We took her into her doctor and he said that her lymph nodes were very inflamed. To treat this condition she was put on more antibiotics. She finished her antibiotics about three weeks ago and now she has developed an infection in her intestines. It is called C. DIF which is kind of like a fungal infection. She is being treated for it but she is in a lot of pain.